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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nero 2014 Platinum Crack / Keygen / Serial Number
Nero 2014 Platinum
Nero 2014 Platinum is a unique Suite of multimedia applications for all your media tasks be it photo, video or music. With its greatly enhanced focus on today’s home media and devices as well as optimized interactivity of applications within the Suite it is the best product for connecting all your media and make them ready to watch at home or on the go. You can get free crack for Nero 2014 Platinum and keygen for free only at Cracks Byte !

What's New Features

  • Nero Play to TV Streaming
    • Now stream movies to your TV with 1-click and control them via your TV’s remote control right from your couch.
    • The cool new feature Slideshow to TV lets you stream your very own high quality slideshows with one click through Nero MediaHome to your TV including themes, effects and music.
  • 1-click Disc to Device conversion
    • Effortlessly transcode and send your video or audio disc content to any connected device or virtual drive
    • 1-click transcode and send video or audio disc content to any connected device or virtual drive
    • Convert the latest high quality Ultra HD 4K for playback on any device
  • Ultra HD (4K) Video Editing
    • Ultra HD (4K) video editing for cinema quality videos
    • High quality video filters, transitions and titles with the new format
    • Nero 4K video editing supports trimming, arranging, cropping, rotating, multitrack overlay editing and a sophisticated Picture-in-Picture generator
  • Ultimate Mobile Device support
    • Includes ultimate mobile device support for latest and greatest iOS, Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets

Quickly Find and Manage Your Photos, Videos and Music

Effortlessly add items from your devices to the media collection on your PC and conveniently browse through your photos, videos, and music.

Tired of digging through files with incredibly descriptive names like “IMG442.JPG”? You’re not alone! Whether the photos and videos on your PC are meticulously cataloged or in complete chaos, Nero will find exactly what you want in no time. Windows Explorer folder and subfolder names automatically become keyword tags. Metadata information is used in keyword tags, as well and if that’s not enough to help you find exactly what you need, then create as many custom tags as you want.

Working with Nero was never easier

The Nero 2014 Platinum launcher provides a categorized view of your projects and now makes it even easier to find the right application for your specific needs. Additionally, applications have task oriented home screens that guide you from job to job. Make use of convenient drop zones to drag and drop your media. The project will start automatically. Nero Suite has never been user-friendlier.

Enhancing your Photo and Videos is a breeze

Nero 2014 Platinum : Cropping Editing

Some of the photos and videos in your PC archives might need some enhancing. Transfer those zombie eyed group shots into picture perfect group photos with easy red eye removal. Cut out imperfect backgrounds with quick cropping. Change items in your photos by resizing and enhancing them, making them worthy of sharing.

Precision and control - when and where you want it

If you want to create a project fast with quick trimming, easy ways to arrange your clips and add effects, Nero Video Express Editing mode can help you make a fantastic-looking finished project in no time. When you want full control and pro-handling, switch over to Advanced Editing mode within the same User Interface for more effects, multi-track timeline with full overlay handling, keyframe control and much, much more. It has never been easier to have precision and control - when and where you want.

Create pro-quality Blu-ray Discs™ and DVD video discs

Burn your video projects or your video archive in high quality on Blu-ray Discs™ or DVD-Video™ Discs, complete with Hollywood style menus, on-screen navigation, graphics and text. 

Use the dedicated content screen for capturing, importing, trimming and arranging your assets for authoring. Simply assign chapter marks that create sequence play points for your DVD or Blu-ray player menus. Select from a huge variety of pro-style 2D and 3D menus or even do fully customized menus and burn to disc or disc image.

Fastest and most comfortable Ripping and Converting

Don’t worry if you’re not a video buff and have no idea what formats your favorite devices support. Just select a pre-configured profile for your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, Android smartphone or tablet, XBOX™, Sony Playstation™, PS Vita™ or other device. Drag the file you want to convert into the Nero Recode drop zone and start the job. Files can be taken from Blu-ray Discs™, AVCHDs, DVD-Videos, Audio-CDs or any other video and audio files1). It doesn’t get any simpler and you’ll get perfect results every time.

Play it all

Do you have a party video on your mobile phone? Vacation videos from your AVCHD digital camera? Your favorite HD movie on Blu-ray Disc? Or the latest music CD from your favorite band? These days we are bombarded with digital contents from every direction, making it a hassle to format files before being able to enjoy them. Worry no more! With Nero 2014 Platinum, you get one media player that can simply handle everything. 

Nero 2014 Platinum supports virtually any playback format, giving you total freedom to play it all straight through one interface. Play any file, be it video, photo, audio, music playlist, slideshow, Blu-ray Disc™, DVD-Video™, audio discs and home network streaming.

Burn high quality disc with the world's best burning engine

There’s a reason Nero Burning ROM is the application you’ve entrusted with your most important data for years. 

Its advanced disc burning engine simply lets you burn reliable and secure CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™. Nero supports the largest variety of devices and regardless of the drive you own you get the highest quality disc burning every time. 

Superior technology gives you reliable discs for years to come.

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