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Monday, 14 October 2013

Rhino 5
The Rhino 5 also known as Rhinoceros 5 development process started more than five years ago with one overriding goal—to remove as many of your workflow bottlenecks as possible. That meant making Rhino faster and able to handle much larger models and project teams, in addition to making thousands of large and small improvements. You can get free Rhinoceros 5 crack along with the keygen!

Whats New

  • Modelling
    • Modelling highlights
      • Object creation in Rhino continues to be enhanced. In Rhino 5 there are dozens of refines to the existing tools, along with a few new commands and new extrusion objects.
    • Points
      • Places a point object on a surface where the surface's draft angle matches the input value to help mold makers draw curves where a surface has a given draft angle.
      • Places a point object at the focus locations of elliptic and circular curves.
    • Curves
      • Creates a blend curve consisting of two arcs with adjustable endpoints and bulginess adjustment between two curves similar to BlendCrv.
      • Continues drawing as if you were still in the Curve command.
      • Continues drawing an interpolated curve as if you were still in the original InterpCrv command.
      • Creates a curve object that is the curvature graph.
      • This variation of Intersect command allows selecting two sets of objects for finding intersections. The command finds only the intersection between the two groups, ignoring intersections between objects in the same group.
      • Creates curves between two curves, averaging the parameters of the curves.
    • Surfaces
      • By default, when a surface creation command, such as ExtudeCrv, Loft, and Sweep, uses input that has kinks, the result is a polysurface with edges at the kinks. If the option SplitAlongCreases=No, the result is a single surface.
      • Creates surfaces between two surfaces, averaging the surface parameters.
    • Solids
      • New lightweight extrusion solids save significant memory and improve display speed. Extrusions are automatically promoted to polysurfaces when used as command input as needed.
  • Editing
    • Sub-object editing
      • Direct selection of sub‑objects for editing is one of the most important new Rhino 5 features. Polysurface faces and edges and surface edges can now be selected directly when using the transform, copy, and extrusion commands or the new Gumball manipulator widget.
    • Shelling
      • Creates a hollowed-out shell from a solid. It only operates on solid, manifold polysurfaces. Selected polysurface faces are removed, the remaining faces are offset inward, and the inner and outer parts are joined.
    • Transform
      • Arrays, or uniformly copies, objects in a single direction.
      • Controls in a tabbed dialog size, scale, position, and rotate objects based on their bounding boxes.
      • Controls in a tabbed dialog size, scale, position, and rotate objects based on their bounding boxes.
      • Mirrors holes on a single face.
      • A non-uniform two-directional scaling operation. Options: Copy (similar to the other Scale commands), and construction plane selection.
    • New Commands
      • Converts extrusion objects into polysurfaces and surfaces.
  • Interface
    • Gumball
      • Gumball is an interface widget that allows interactive editing of objects and sub-objects (polysurface faces and edges and surface edges, for example).
      • Gumball editing is activated from the Gumball status bar pane or the Gumball command.
    • Object selection
      • New Selection Filter for points, curves, surfaces, polysurfaces, meshes, annotations, lights, blocks, control points, point clouds, hatches, and others.
      • New Selection Tools - SelBoundary, SelBrush, SelBrushPoints, SelCamera, SelCircular, SelClippingPlane, SelDimStyle, SelExtrusion, SelHatch, SelLine, SelNonManifold, SelPictureFrame, SelRenderColor, SelSmall, SelVolumeBox, SelVolumePipe, and SelVolumeSphere.
    • Object Snap
      • New object snaps for snapping to mesh surfaces.
    • Tabbed Docking Panels
      • New tabbed panels that can dock and be grouped are used for Box Edit, Calculator and RPN Calculator, Display, Environments, Ground Plane, Help, Layer States, Layers, Libraries, Lights, Macro Editor, Materials, Mesh Repair, Named CPlanes, Named Positions, Named Views, Notes, Sun, Textures, and Web Browser.
    • Navigation
      • 3Dconnexion devices support enhancements include dolly-zoom in perspective and rotate about the camera. Object, Camera, Target Camera and Helicopter Mode. Auto rotation center. Horizon lock option.
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